BORDERGATE ECONOMY is one of the core business areas of Tay Ninh International Logistics Joint Stock Company(TANIL). Inheriting the experience of managing water transport operations with a team of senior personnel with many years of experience in management and operation, we are always ready to provide optimal solutions and transportation for customers.

    TANIL owns a large warehouse system, specialized and modern vehicles, ensuring to receive all sizes of container ships with a tonnage of up to 5,000 tons. The company has relationships and exploitation contracts with more than 100 shipping lines and shipping agents worldwide, etc.


    Project location: Hung Thuan Commune, Trang Bang Town, Tay Ninh Province.

    Area: 259.22 hectares, not including the front area.

    Located on the Saigon River route and connecting with the Ho Chi Minh route (connecting the Central Highlands with the southern provinces), provincial roads DT787, DT789 (Tay Ninh province) connecting National Highway 22, TL15 (HCMC), DT747 (BinhDuong province).

    TANIL has a convenient location, connecting many modes of transport through the project area as well as applying advanced technology to business and exploitation.Our Company provides full services package ensures to fully meet the transportation demands for ship owners, ports, import-export companies, trading and service enterprises, etc.


    * With the system of Ports – Wharfs and Rivers – Canals in the Vietnam’s South, the tendency of container shipping by inland waterways is increasing and advantages are always promoted compared to other modes of transport.

    * Seaport operation has met a large volume of goods for inland transportation and transshipment of import-export goods from areas and industrial zones in key economic areas to inland wharfsin order to gather in portsseaport and vice versa.

    * Connecting inland waterway transport with other modes of transport such as road, railway, etc.with business companies in the field of Logistics.